Gateway Ministry Leadership Teams

Leading The Church

Jesus is the Head of the Church. In all things at Gateway, we seek his leadership. For our small part of the Church, we follow Christ’s lead by:

Staying centered around the mission of God:
  • redeeming all things in Christ (Col. 1:15-20)
Following his design for the Church
  • one body, many parts (1 Cor 12)
Receiving the gifting of the Spirit
  • all are called and filled to serve (Eph 4:7)
Holding to the recognition that we still struggle with sin and human frailty
  • we see through the glass darkly (1 Cor. 13)
Seeking to serve and love
  • as he first served and loved us (Phil 2)

Gateway Identity

We are a servant community, united with Christ, pursuing redemption in His world.

Gateway Vision

Being formed in Christ and His love, we will bear witness and bear fruit in every aspect of life.

Gateway Stategy for the Vision

To live into our vision, we will grow in:


Adoration - Weekly, we gather as a family to worship the Triune God as we sing, pray, encounter Scripture, and celebrate the Sacraments.


Formation - Regularly, we gather together to be formed by Christ and His love.


Vocation - Each of us has been called to follow Christ and glorify Him in everything we do.


Connection - We create intentional places of connection with our community to bear witness to the reality of Jesus.

How MLT's Work

Ministry Leadership Team (MLT)
As we work together as a church, we have a number of Ministry Leadership Teams to serve our congregation by leading an initiative. Each team of 3-6 people will have a charter that defines the team’s objective and how it fits with other teams and structures at Gateway.

The Ministry Leadership Team leads - the team facilitator serves by helping the team lead. They are the point of contact, and they make sure the team works together and stays on mission.

Each person on a team commits to serve for 3 years. They can serve a second consecutive 3-year term, but then they take a one-year sabbatical for leading in that area. They can still serve in that area, but they need to step off the leadership team for a year. For college students, their terms can be shorter. Terms will follow the calendar year, beginning in January and ending in December.

Leadership Development
Each team will be working to grow leaders who understand how to lead in their particular area with skill, wisdom, and grace. These leaders will come from our whole congregation, so the Ministry Leadership Teams will be composed of young and old, rich and poor, and male and female (Joel 2). Teams and future facilitators will be built in collaboration with the Session every fall so that new leaders can begin in January.

Ethel is the name of the Gateway House printer. We imagine she’ll be a vital member of each ministry leadership team. She is exempt from the term limits and sabbatical, as her term expires when she does.

The Session serves each team by helping to weave our entire church’s work together around the mission. The Session runs ahead to see what is to come, in the middle to help keep things moving, and behind to help us learn from failure and catch what falls through the cracks. The Session helps teams stay rooted in their charter, respond to larger changes in the church, and collaborate with other teams.

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