Gateway Charter

Leading The Church

Jesus is the Head of the Church. In all things at Gateway, we seek his leadership. For our small part of the Church, we follow Christ’s lead by:

Staying centered around the mission of God:
  • redeeming all things in Christ (Col. 1:15-20)
Following his design for the Church
  • one body, many parts (1 Cor 12)
Receiving the gifting of the Spirit
  • all are called and filled to serve (Eph 4:7)
Holding to the recognition that we still struggle with sin and human frailty
  • we see through the glass darkly (1 Cor. 13)
Seeking to serve and love
  • as he first served and loved us (Phil 2)

Gateway Identity

We are a servant community, united with Christ, pursuing redemption in His world.

Gateway Vision

Being formed in Christ and His love, we will bear witness and bear fruit in every aspect of life.

Gateway Stategy for the Vision

To live into our vision, we will grow in:


Adoration - Weekly, we gather as a family to worship the Triune God as we sing, pray, encounter Scripture, and celebrate the Sacraments.


Formation - Regularly, we gather together to be formed by Christ and His love.


Vocation - Each of us has been called to follow Christ and glorify Him in everything we do.


Connection - We create intentional places of connection with our community to bear witness to the reality of Jesus.