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Who God has called us to be: Our Identity

A servant community

Gateway is a family; God has called us together as his people. We rejoice and suffer with each other. We strive to look not after our own interests; instead we seek to serve each other and those around us. We are not a perfect community, but we will do the hard work of loving each other and the world around us because we are...

United with Christ

Jesus Christ is the center of this statement, and it is no accident. He is the center of our lives and our church. Jesus loves us, and by the Spirit, we are united with Him. He is both the source and the target of our worship. As a church, we actively desire to grow in our understanding of his love, and to live it out as we go about…

Pursuing redemption in His world.

The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. Through the redemption Jesus made possible on the cross, we have been saved. Our lives are now centered on joining Him as that redemption extends to the whole world. It begins in our families, continues to the house down the street and at our workplaces, and extends as we serve alongside our international ministry partners.