Financial Update - July and August 2018

As a congregation, we collectively look after all that the Lord has given us: our shared mission together, our relationships with one another, and our finances. We sometimes updated folks with our old weekly email update, but we are going be doing it here on the blog from here forward.


Currently, our expected giving income is $9742 every month. In July, we came very close to that - our giving was $9468. In August, we were a bit further away, as our giving was $7887.

Up to this point in the year, we have a deficit of $6107. Our deficit can grow or be erased over the next few months depending on our giving in September-December.

We intentionally prayed for our finances as a church in August, and I ask you to continue to pray that we would have the ability to keep our financial commitments this year.

From here on out, we’ll report monthly on how we are doing. I look forward to telling the story of how God will provide!