Welcome to the Blog!

Our original logo! We were going for the world’s longest church name, and we did it!

Gateway turned 11 years old this month. 11 seems like a small number, but so many things have changed. We have welcomed and prayed for the many new children born to our church family. We have changed locations, moving up the hill to the new Student Center. Communication has changed too. Can you believe that when we started we spent a considerable amount of money getting the word out about Gateway in the phone book? When was the last time, you used a phone book?

When we started, we also had a church newsletter. We called it “The Word About the Rock.” It was great way to get the word out about new things happening and to tell stories to one another about what God was doing here.

The medium has changed, but we still need to be telling each other about what God is doing and keeping up with all that is happening in our church. Therefore, the old church newsletter has been reborn - as a blog! Welcome!

Keep coming back to the blog, and pray with us that God would continue to allow us the chance to love one another for at least another 11 years…and a few more after that!