Giving Challenge

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As the year comes to an end, we’d like you to think about starting something - a regular habit of giving financially to the church. Your opportunity to be a full member of the church isn’t something far off in the future - it is here now. For some, the fact that you might only be able to give a small amount on a regular basis might feel like it is not worth it. I have two numbers that I think challenges that idea:

$10 - $10 a month doesn’t sound like much, but if all 100 of our students started giving $10 a mouth, it would double our ministry budget.

$24 million - Yes, I mean it. If the average college student makes $60,000 a year, a student who works for 40 years and gives 10% to the church would give around $240,000 over their lifetime. If all 100 of our students did that, we have the potential to give $24,000,000 to churches everywhere our students are sent over the next 40 years.

Would you take this invitation to consider starting a giving habit? If yes, click here and set up a regular gift. May God bless our cheerful gifts, and may He use them to advance His Kingdom!

Chris White