Our Kids and New City Question #2


Our first catechism question is about God and how He is the sole creator. Here’s some great resources that you can work on as a family. Take 20 minutes this week as a family and learn together.

Memorize the Question 2:

Q2: What is God?

A2: God is the creator of everyone and everything.

Passages to Read: Psalm 139, Colossians 1:15-20, Jeremiah 10:1-16

Great Videos to Watch Together:
That's My King- Do You Know Him?, Slugs and Bugs- God Made Me

Songs to sing: My God is so BIG, Indescribable

Next Level Activities:

1).Go to the library and get out a book about your kid's current interest. Use it as a teachable moment to talk about how cool it is that God has a hand in what their interest is. (bugs? God made them! US History? God can both equip people to be leaders, and He is always with us in the midst of messy situations. Dance? God gave us so many ways to express ourselves and we can use them to worship him for how he made us!)

2). Take a walk and gather some leaves. Do leaf rubbings and consider not only the large scope of the creation, but also its minute detail and incredible variety.